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Here’s the true story of how our company was founded a few years ago – based on a bet. Our soon to be CEO and our soon to be Art Director had this conversation:

  • Yaniv: How could this campaign be so bad??
  • Jonathan: I think it’s just a really boring product.
  • Yaniv: Dude, anything in the world can be interesting.
  • Jonathan: Right…Easy to say. Put your money where your mouth is.
  • Yaniv: Challenge accepted!

We take bets very seriously.

Services What We Do


The best UI is when it’s not noticed at all. By studying your product and your goals, our designers will make functionality be the only thing you need to worry about.


Videos have to be mind blowing to be effective. We create top-notch animated product videos.Writing, design and motion graphics all done by our animation department.



Your website is your face. We’ll help you decide what the main messages should be and find the look & feel that will make them crystal clear to the world.


If people judge a book by its cover, you might as well make that cover shine. From graphic concept & logo to marketing strategies and brand image, we got you covered.



The better the content, the higher the conversion rates. Standing out while staying true to your brand and goals isn’t easy. Luckily, you’ve got us.


First, our experienced team will help you hone your idea to be 10 times more PR friendly and easy to market, and then we’ll build together a presentation which cannot be forgoten.

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  • Address:  13th floor, east wing, Shalom Tower. 9 Ahad Ha’am st. Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Phone: +972 – 36423001
  • Email: info@trossmedia.com